Schädel – Dyplo E.P.


Beat Yourself comes with the first musical work made by Glow-B Group’s collective owner,Schädel. Old school techno full of industrial, dark and experimental sounds. In this release you canalso find a great remix by Dj Raid which give you an amazing groove perfect for burning your danceslippers. You can buy this release here.



Roger Sanchez (Stealth /ReleaseYourself/Under the Rader ) Downloading to try out, thanks

Him_self_Her dj raid remix is cool

Claude Von Stroke Downlaoding and listening to for Claude VonStroke.

Maceo Plex (ELLUM Audio ) downloaded for maceo plex, thanks for the music!

Dr.Needles (Gramola.Rec) Nice Sound, thanks.

Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for r hawtin

Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Bedrock) DJ Raid remix! pow!!

guille quero DJ Raid remix for me.. thanks Nice EP

Anthony Pappa The best mix is the “Dj Raid Remix” and l will support it. Thanks.

Riky dj raid remix for me!! tnx bros :)

Liubo Ursiny (Top) DJ Raid remix is the bomb!

Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) good stuff here

David Hat Dj Raid is a bomb!

William Medagli downloading for me , thanx

Diego Macias (Stripped Digital, TRR Label, InfraDigrecords, We Are Here Record) Dj Raid Remix is very suitable to my sets. Support.

Above & Beyond (Anjunabeats) Listening for Above & Beyond. Check to see if supported.

Facundo Mohrr (Suara, Tronic, Sudbeat, Sprout, Stripped) great release. dj raid for me, thanks

Khalil Touihri (Balcan Connection / Baroque) dj raid remix is strong , tkx

Joseph Capriati Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.

Vinayak^a raid mix…. is boom boom

Chris Luzz (Stranjjur) dj raid remix is pretty bad ass

Jeancy (Get Physical, Electronique, Sprinkler, Hush, Beat Yourself) Loveit!

Saccao thxxxxx

A++ (Intacto/KMS/Refused/Consumed) great remix from raid !

Tamer Auf (Toolroom, Sleazy, Armada) raid remix for me

timbenjamin (encore protonradio) i may try the remix


Daniel Mehes (Phobiq, Rhythm Converted, Resopal, Manual/Wolfskuil/Dubmetrical) dj Raid remix is great!

Adam Collins (Euphoria Records / House On Mute) big room madness on the remix.

Kosta K (Cosmic Expeditions) good staff

Phil Soren ( Thx for this promo

Zeque (InfraDigrecords, Akbal Music, Loco Records) liking dj raid version

Issac (Mineral,Loöq Records) great release! thanks!

Soundwave Dark atmospheres on both, but dj raid remix has more powerfull moments. Like it a lot! Thanks for sending.

Medu (Dissonant) original is good! thanks

Shlomi B (Tunnel Fm/Electronique Digital) both sounds great, full support.

Madeni (Tulipe /Not For Us ) the remix for me! tnx

MAGILLIAN (HUSH RECORDZ) Dj Raid remix for me top stuff

Label Leaks Radioshow Supported by Label Leaks.

Jesus Soblechero (Little Helpers) Raid never disappoint, thanks for the promo.

Marc Throw (Hexil Creative,Be One) Nice Dj Raid Big

Manel Sanmartin (Cambrils DEEP/Dubhe Recordings) Amazing tunes. I will support both tracks into my radioshow and techno gigs. Congrats and good luck mates.

Niki Belucci [Radio FG] cool one

gesus lpz (Be One Records,Beat Yourself) Dj Raid for me, awesome remix!

Victor Vera (Intec / Stereo / Trapez) Dj Raid Remix is fantastic! Thank U